Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hoodratz In Space #3 Kickstarter Relaunch?

Our Hoodratz In Space Kickstarter #3 start has been temporarily delayed due to a few uncontrollable changes to the Kickstarter set up requirements.

Not to mention the fact that we had to purchase a new computer the same week of our launch and we lost our normal video and audio editing software.
Requiring our staff to learn all new programs to perform these very needed functions.

And last but not least series creator Erik Reeves decided to celebrate his Birthday with family and friends and we can't really be mad about that unless you really wanted your pledge to our incredible Kickstarter to be first!

Well everything is now back on track and we are currently waiting on approval from the awesome peeps that run Kickstarter so we may bring you and all of our incredible Hoodratz In Space fans our third Kickstarter!

Thanks for support and helping us save our Galaxy!

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