Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Hoodratz In Space-CHERRY BOMB 08.12.15

Cherry knows that nothing can compare to dealing with those who are hell bent on causing you grief and the best way to to deal with those types of beings is to not deal with them at all. Stay clear of danger and make sure you are always prepared to do what is best for you!

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I A'nt trippin but those A'nt airplanes!

Who's Expecting Company?

It's never easy excepting that your world will never be the same again! Pursuing your dream of becoming the next big musical sensation only to end up having to try to save your planet not to mention your entire Galaxy can be more than the average person can handle.

They came without warning and changed so many lives at once. Growing up was tough for our heroines and they can deal with a lot but fighting real life aliens?

Find out more within the pages of our upcoming Hoodratz In Space issue #3 only a few pages away from completion!

Stay tuned!

New Hoodratz In Space Kickstarter Print 5 of 10

Check out our new Hoodratz In Space Kickstarter print number 5 of 10 by series creator Erik Reeves and check out his process below.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Wait Hold up, So this is not a Recording Studio?

Our saga is far from over...

With the world as we know it on the brink of invasion by the menacing Aocks our Heroines are thrust into situations that having a bad attitude just won't fix!

It's been a very crazy but super busy summer for Hoodratz In Space creator and Artist Erik Reeves but after so many  incredible Hoodratz In Space fan interactions at this years #SDCC2015 his focused has been shifted to getting issue #3 done!

"I have a promise to keep to some serious Hoodratz In Space Fans and I intend to keep it!" 
-Erik Reeves 

Stay tuned!!!
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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Our Hoodratz In Space Promo cards are here!

We are so excited to announce the arrival of our New Hoodratz In Space Promo cards and here is why you should be excited too!

"Have card will travel..."

So when ever a member of our Hoodratz In Space team travels anywhere in the Galaxy they will be leaving these cards in locations and if you happen to be one of the lucky people to get one that means you will be rewarded a special prize!

Just redeem them at our booth at whatever appearance we make!

Look forward to seeing our Hoodratz In Space fans at our next appearance soon!