Check out some cool HOODRATZ IN SPACE pics below! 
Series creator Erik Reeves rocking some HOODRATZ IN SPACE swag!
This is what happens when we sell out of HOODRATZ IN SPACE comic books.
BANE was not happy about this at all.
Both series creator Erik Reeves and series writer Jackie Cannon at DALLAS COMIC CON 2013.
our setup at DALLAS COMIC CON 2013!
another cool creator hanging out with our series creator Erik Reeves.
 Another very happy HOODRATZ IN SPACE FAN!
More and more peeps are excited to recieve the cool Hoodratz In Space Kickstarter packages arriving at homes all across the Galaxy!

We love to get fan pics like this one we recieved from another one of our incredible
Hoodratz In Space fans! Send us your fan pics today!

Hoodratz In Space writer Jackie Cannon was available the entire weekend to sign copies of our long anticipated premier issue at this years Fandays convention.  

Hoodratz In Space issue #1 made its debut at this years Fandays convention at the Irving Convention Center in Irving, Texas. To our suprise we had such a great turn out that we sold half of all of the books we had available. 

Batman has to capture footage of the Hoodratz In Space to take back to his Batcave and examine. Dallas Comic Con 2012

Batgirl peeps out Hoodratz in Space at Dallas Comic Con 2012! —

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