Friday, September 20, 2013

25 Days left to help back our Hoodratz In Space issue #2 Kickstarter!

Be sure to help make our Hoodratz In Space issue #2 project possible by making your pledge today and recieve some really cool exclusive art prints and rare signed items by Hoodratz In Space creators Jackie Cannon and Erik Reeves.Back our project by clicking here
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Reserve your copy with your pledge today!


Reserve your copy of HOODRATZ IN SPACE #2 with our #Kickstarter project today!
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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

27 Days Left to help save our Galaxy!

27 days left to get Limited Edition @Hoodratzinspace items when you pledge to our #kickstarter project! #comics

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Sunday, September 15, 2013


Finally our HOODRATZ IN SPACE issue #2 #Kickstarter campaign has launched and is headed to your Galaxy!
If your a true Hoodratz In Space fan you know how important you are to the success of our franchise.
Hoodratz In Space has always been about our incredible fans who support us and is the main reason we continue to create more cool Hoodratz In Space products.
2012 was an incredible year for the release of our first comic in our 4-part Hoodratz In Space comic series and we hope to have even more success with our second issue.
We will continue to provide the cool artwork and products as long as our fans continue to support us.
Hoodratz In Space issue #2 is 24 full color pages that continues our origin story written by
Jackie Cannon with all original artwork by series creator and artist Erik Reeves.
So please help us fund our Hoodratz In Space issue #2 project today by pledging to our #Kickstarter campaign here.